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Last year I was drafted to join an incredible startup, Prox & Reverie, with a wild dream that overlaps significantly with my own. They are working on closing the gap between the digital and physical for immersive experiences by building the next generation of enabling tools.

Even in the early stages, they have achieved so much, with an incredible facility, the latest hardware, and several projects in the pipeline! I have been drafted in as a consultant and immersive tech lead on one of the XR Stories projects, Shapeshifter, with two stages of complete system prototypes delivered!

Supporting the project has depended on having a wide skillset. So far I have used or integrated CAD tools, multiple game engines, microcontrollers, immersive technologies (VR headsets, hand tracking & Vive Trackers), duplex wireless radio communication, laser cutting and 3D printing to name a few! It’s an exciting project with a lot of moving and interfacing parts that demand complete synchronicity between the digital and the physical.

I’m also listed on their ‘about us‘.

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