Lee Kent

About Me

Mixed Reality Specialist

PhD Candidate

I am a University of Reading graduate with a BEng (Hons) in Electronic Engineering. Since then I have completed an IET accredited graduate scheme and spent a year as part of a Virtual Reality Research and Development team. I am currently a PhD candidate researching Augmented Prototyping with the Design and Manufacturing Futures Lab at the University of Bristol and am a resident at the Bristol Virtual Reality Lab.

I have been looking at how Mixed Reality technologies can be utilised to make complex design tasks feasible for everybody. This has included ventures from the small with configurable, personalised video game controllers to the very large, with citizen designed cities. I work towards integrating the physical and digital domains to democratise design, utilising simple physical design kits and complex integrated analytics to get the best out of both.


Unreal Engine 90%
C# 90%
Python 85%
C++ 85%
Unity 75%
Interactive Data 75%
Adobe Creative Cloud 75%
Computer Aided Design 75%
LabVIEW 70%
Japanese 20%

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