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The First Slice

We decided it was time for Wholemeal Reality to have another crack at expanding on the potential of our first Gamejam.

Moving to Unity was the first item on the agenda, giving us a bit more development flexibility and the opportunity to incorporate the expertise of the other team members.

We are using a variety of tools to help us collaborate, including Unity Collab, GitHub, Discord Trello and a whole suite of Google Docs.

You are a food truck owner at the base of a mountain. Your food truck sells all kinds of fantastical, but not necessarily fantastic, food. Prep adventurers for their big days tackling the mountain with appropriately packed lunches for their quests. How you do directly influences how they do, and you will find out all about it in the daily newspaper. The game is part strategy, part frantic food prep simulator.

Sandwiches require a series of ingredients, and each ingredient must be prepared before it can go on a sandwich. E.g. Meat/veg must be sliced. Some things must also be diced. How good a sandwich is, is driven be how good the preparation stages are. The dice must be cut to a rhythm to ensure good size. Touch things require frantic clicking within a certain time. These interactions can get silly.

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